Emily Unsworth White

Emily Unsworth White lives and works in Bristol, UK. Using a range of materials and mediums, including watercolour, oil and collage, Emily's practice is a form of wondrous storytelling.

"My current practice is largely painting focused. Working in oils on linen, my practice connects tender togetherness, immersion in place and people. My work aspires towards an abstract lack of definition full of rippling possibilities, as interpretable and infinite as the surface of water. A celebration of being and belonging, I aim to leave the receiver with serene glimpses of the flow and flux of life. In my process colour is applied and removed, leaving just a memory of the paint on fabric in dusty, dreamlike visages.

"In my recent summer’21 series, I documented the wild swimming reawakening; the euphoric reunion of the population at waters’ edges. A marriage of skin and water, rivers and lakes held moments of play and bliss in solitude. Exploring ‘Thin Places’ in which heaven collapses into Earth, I witnessed the sky reflect and refract, bodies dissipate into the heavens. Floating is flying, collective months of hardship relinquished in the baptism of water." - Emily Unsworth White