Jorunn Mulen

Jorunn Mulen lives and works in Bergen, Norway. She graduated from Falmouth College of Art in 2005 with a Masters in Illustration and Authorial Practice. Words and narrative continue to inform her practice, however, Jorunn receives more recognition as a visual artist than as an illustrator. She is best known for her portrait paintings on canvas or linen, but her work also extends to printmaking and collage. 

In her own words Jorunn describes her creative approach -

"The marks on the canvas are traces from a search. Sometimes I only know what I'm looking for, when I find it. In order to find it I might have to get completely lost. Some stories evolve through recognising traces left by experience that we use to create a persona. The stories may appear in layers. There is a mixture of sincerity and imagination but also a significant truth, which allows them to evoke and intrigue the viewer"