Rue Asher

Rue Asher is a multi-award winning artist based in Lewes, East Sussex. Rue combines her art practice with experience working as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. In her own words, she says -

“I have always been fascinated by people’s ‘psychological landscape’, particularly how we receive and retain memory, ultimately forming our life experience. In recalling past events, we sometimes distort and alter these memories from their reality, a concept that I delve into by the use of oil and mixed media.”

Alongside her more abstract works, Rue presents an ongoing series of life drawings in oil on paper that investigate the human form and its relationship with surrounding space. “I like to counter pose the sensuality and vulnerability of the naked form with structural marks to define a strong internal architecture. I use stenciling, masking and expressive intuitive mark-making to create a compelling, unique perspective on the fragility and also strength of the human condition, and how we inhabit our bodies.”