Sally Fitchard

Sally Fitchard is a ceramic artist living and working in Staffordshire. Melding figurativism with abstraction, Sally's clay sculpture encompasses busts, statuettes and vessels.

"As a ceramic sculptor the properties of clay compliment the way I work perfectly. I am not a planner but far more intuitive, allowing the clay to help inform shapes, scale and texture. The physicality of clay naturally stimulates the senses through each process, seeing work materialise, the diversity of touch (from slip to ceramic), its smell and the many sounds it can make pre and post firing.

"Sculpting for me is a combination of intellect (decision making, problem solving) and emotion. Most pieces manifest in figurative work imbuing movement, shape and character and although often abstracted remain intelligible. The process is always a surprise, a curiosity, and I hope in the end will be to others. There is no intention for the sculptures to embody a fixed narrative, they are there to be discovered, a story to speculate about, just as humans are to each other."

Learn more about Sally Fitchard and her practice by watching a short film here.