Sara Breinlinger

Sara Breinlinger is a London based artist who has combined her art practice with a career as a psychotherapist. Whilst these two parts of her world are distinct there is much within her artwork that explores psychological narratives. 

Sara works in a number of different mediums, encompassing drawing, painting and screen-printing alongside a body of soft sculptural work. 

Bordering between representation and abstraction and built up of many layers, Sara’s portrait paintings retain a sense of immediacy, drama and rawness that reveal a glimpse into the sometimes unsettling, disquieting internal world of childhood.  

Her screen print “shadow” series evokes the Jungian concept that everyone carries an unknown part of their personality; their shadow and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. It touches on themes of memory and identity as well as the vulnerabilities and uncertainties inherent in the human condition.  She works with an almost collage-like process using different sources: sketches, digital processes, observation and imagination

Her more recent sculptural work is a body of hand-stitched sewn animal forms – often foetal like, seemingly clinging on precariously between life and death. Even with her fully formed creatures there is a suggestion of brokenness and the process of repair. “When starting to sew I am as surprised by the creatures that emerge. The emerging form seems to guide the making of them in ways that are often unexpected – as if the pieces themselves take on a character that I’m not always fully in control of”.