Sarah J. Stanley

Sarah J. Stanley studied Fine Art at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen and is now based in Glasgow.

"My current work retains strong elements of drawing and painting alongside a varied set of mediums and art pieces, creating a delicate formal balance of mark-making and imagery, as well as employing text and invention. Often, I display tendencies towards the satirical, and steering away from irony and it's other shallow counterparts, I take the proverbial piss with sobriety. I work with space, context, depth and all the other basic things fine artists consider day to day. I like to disband the semiotic and symbolic, making sure the viewer can experience some sense of disciplined wit. The readily unspoken, fiction-like, but tediously honest nature of my work, I hope, leaves it capable enough to describe itself earnestly within quips of discerning visual banter and with the integrity of a studious prankster.

I also have a soft spot for painting portraits of hands doing tasks and activities of various types."